From Personality To Essence
The Diamond Approach teachings cover the journey of the soul from its unconscious identification with the ego to her return home to Essential Nature. Many mystical paths hold the knowledge of this journey from ego limitation to the freedom of Essence. What differentiates the Diamond Approach is its use of modern depth psychology to assist in dissolving the barriers encountered along the way.

In the Diamond Approach the journey begins by inquirying into whatever is arising in the moment. Over time there is increasing contact with qualities of Essence which are aspects of True Nature that have been eclipsed by the personality, such as Love, Joy, Strength, Will, Compassion and Peace. Each quality reveals various psychodynamic issues that are worked with. As personality / ego issues are worked through, these aspects arise more purely and one's consciousness becomes imbued and impacted by True Nature.

As the journey progresses and one's spiritual works deepens, it is possible to live guided by the expansion and freedom that Essential realization brings. One's consciousness may then open to the Boundless dimensions of Divine Love, Pure Presence, Non-Conceptual Awareness and ultimately to the soul's home in the mysterious ground of Absolute Nature.