Activating the Journey
One of the contributions of the Diamond Approach is an understanding of specific issues that arise at each stage of the journey and methods for working with these issues so that spiritual experiences can be integrated into a stable way of being and living.

The Diamond Approach combines two powerful orientations for working with the transformation of ego into Essence. One is opening to True Nature through teachings, meditations, body-oriented methods and the practice of Presence.

The second and central practice of the Diamond Approach is inquiry into and engagement with what is arising in one's consciousness in any given moment, addressing obstacles as well as Essential experiences. Each student inquires into his or her moment-by-moment experience, exploring bodily sensations, images, emotions, and insights as they arise; sometimes when alone and at other times with fellow students and with one's teacher. These methods activate a process of unfoldment which is unique to each person.
Support for Realization
The Diamond Approach offers three levels of support. There are large group meetings which occur three times a year, and as a student progresses, longer retreats which meet less frequently. These meetings include talks on particular aspects or dimensions of Being and the issues that obscure them. A wide variety of exercises enable the student to personally explore how their history may block the realization of this part of their Being.

Each large group breaks down into smaller groups, which meet during the same gathering. In the Presence of the smaller group, students work with the teacher on their own unique process.

Between retreats conference calls are used to consolidate the teaching and to introduce new topics. Many students also organize time to inquire with each other to deepen their contact with their inner process.

Private sessions are also available during the meeting and on an on-going basis. Sessions offer an opportunity to work intimately and specifically on personal issues through inquiry and body oriented breath work with a qualified Diamond Approach teacher.

Diamond Approach groups are ongoing for many years. A group studies and eventually embodies Essence. The members' commitment to Truth provides a vehicle that supports the awakening and development of each student's spiritual unfoldment.